About Chic Therapy Accessories

I have always loved wearing colorful African inspired accessories and I decided to start making my own handmade pieces when it became difficult to get varieties that complimented my style. After a while, requests started coming from friends and acquaintances to buy my handmade pieces. Inspired by my love for vibrant colors and 
traditional African print fabric, I caved in, and voila! Chic Therapy Accessories.
At Chic Therapy Accessories, we strive to provide you eclectic and fun accessories. Incorporating ankara fabric with others, our handmade products include necklaces, earrings, brooches, bangles(coming soon) and hair accessories. We also carry a line of ethnic bangles that are sourced from the best crafters in Africa.
Chic Therapy Accessories is a celebration of culture, color and beauty. Each accessory has been handmade with love, and it is my hope that each piece adds some color and vibrance to your style.